Liberty has experience working with the full range of businesses within the healthcare field

  • single practitioners
  • multiple doctor practices
  • small clinics
  • hospitals
  • medical billing companies
  • medical collections

We are confident that our expertise will translate into savings and a seamless experience, and have repeatedly found that the following items make billing and payments costly for HealthCare businesses:

  • Practices/businesses that use their bank for merchant service usually pay significantly more despite getting no additional benefits or expertise.
  • Practices/businesses don’t empower staff with recurring billing software to make their jobs easier and their work more efficient.

Doctors need to focus their efforts on providing treatment.  Administrative staff should spend their time dealing with insurance, scheduling, ordering supplies, etc., and within large organizations, the CFO ought to attend to items such as budgeting, auditing, and compliance. Let us efficiently handle your merchant services so that you can do what you and your staff are supposed to do.