Payments when, where, and how you need them

Businesses have many options available to them with regard to processing, and we can seamlessly implement their wishes.  Liberty utilities a variety of state-of-the-art equipment to help businesses take payments when, where, and how you need them to make you and your customers more confident in your business.

All terminals that Liberty provides utilize the EMV chip reader.  This is the gold standard for facilitating the most secure transaction.  We routinely give terminals to new clients so that they can have a fresh start and be EMV compliant.

For businesses that require more power from their payment solution than a stand-alone terminal, we integrate with many of the leading Point of Sale (POS) systems.  By being able to work with or provide a wide range of hardware and software solutions we can find the ideal one that is best tailored to your needs. Several of the POS systems are specifically designed to work with verticals such as restaurants, liquor stores, salons/spas and retail merchants. These high-performance systems are built to scale with your business and improve your operations.  Inventory management, appointment scheduling, table mapping, purchasing abilities, gift card support, and other features yield tremendous value.  A daily cloud backup ensures that none of your data will be lost. 

Wireless terminals or devices that attach to your cell phone or I-Pad so that you can swipe a credit card can be a benefit to your company. They can save time, decrease chargebacks and fraud, and reduce processing fees.  They are ideal for trade shows, in-the-field services (e.g., exterminators, plumbers, carpet cleaners, etc.), or businesses that can’t always have access to a phone line.

Finally, most of the merchants on Liberty's platforms have equipment capable of accepting Apple Pay payments.