Liberty can offer Financial Institutions the best tools and reporting with no risk/liability to your institution.  All you need to decide is how involved you wish to be in the process. 

You can let us execute a comprehensive merchant services program for your clients without tying up your resources.  We’ll set-up the accounts, program and deploy the equipment, and manage each of your accounts from start to finish so that you can focus on your banking business.  All your team needs to do is provide referrals.

If you wish, you can be more involved in the process and participate in the onboarding to the degree that is comfortable for your financial institution.  We’ll act as an extension of your team, maintaining your accounts and providing hands-on assistance to ensure you, and your clients, get the most out of your merchant services program.

If your financial institution has the available personnel and resources and wants complete control, we can do that too.  You will remain actively involved in your merchant relationships, allowing you to build stronger connections and attract new sources of revenue. With access to all of our industry-leading tools, your employees will be the face of your merchant services program while we operate behind the scenes.